Music Tuition



Singing - I specialise in Rock, Broadway, Jazz and Pop styles. I can develop your voice with lots of technical exercises and warm-ups that target specific vocal problems.  As with all my lessons, you can tell me what songs you would like to try and I can teach you them.

Piano - I can play in any style and am happy to teach you what you want to learn - obviously all beginners have to start with the same basic building blocks, but if you show progress and practise, I can speed you through to where you want to be!  For more advanced players I can teach how to read from fake books, advanced jazz, blues improvisation and more

Guitar - Guitar is the most personal of all the instruments in many ways, as you can choose even at the beginning what kind of guitar player you want to be.  You can choose to just strum chords or learn to finger pick.  You can learn a few stock riffs and licks or you can learn your way around the fretboard through scales and melody learning.Obviously if you choose electric guitar, you can learn by playing along to backing tracks and learning tab solos and power chords! 

Saxophone - This is a misunderstood instrument - the basics are extremely easy, you could literally say that the saxophone is like a big metal recorder and it only has a basic range of 2 and a half octaves.  Obviously the more advanced players access more notes through harmonics etc but for most players this is a simple, fun instrument needing far less practice than harmonic instruments like piano and guitar!

Clarinet - A fantastic woody orchestral instrument, the clarinet is great for beginners to music as it is light and easy to play.  It favours classical music as really the only other genre of music it works with are trad jazz, polkas and klezmers!  But ideal for people who may graduate to the saxophone as the fingerings are almost the same!